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Be a Citizen Pamphleteer!

Introductory talk and drop-in pamphlet-making workshop

2pm-5pm Thursday 20 June

Room 201, 2nd floor Palazzo Mora

Free event – all welcome!

As part of the Re-imagining Citizenship Activity Book/Living Archiveproject on exhibition in Palazzo Mora, artist-researcher Gillian Whiteley will give an introductory talk about this participative project. This will be followed by a pamphlet-making workshop. All materials provided – drop-in any time between 2pm and 5pm.

The pamphlet – quick and cheap to produce, portable and easy to distribute – has a long radical political history going way back to the 16thcentury. Through the 1930s and 1940s, the English writer George Orwell was a great collector of pamphlets. For him, the pamphlet was a polemical provocation, a protest.

          A pamphlet may be written either for or against somebody or something, but in essence it is always a protest

         George Orwell (1948) in British Pamphleteers Volume 1, from the Sixteenth Century to the French Revolution

What do you want to protest against? With global inequalities and social injustices, a tide of humanity displaced through war, poverty and persecution and emergency declarations on environmental issues and climate change, there is plenty to be FOR or AGAINST. What are you FOR or AGAINST? What do you want to protect? What do you want to stop?

Re-imagine! Participate! Respond!