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Stitching Solidarity: project evolution since May 2020

Stitching Solidarity emerged as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to social isolation, to political rhetorics of blame and indecision. It began with the idea of sitting with strangers to counteract solitude in favour of community; questioning how can a sense of belonging manifest through Zoom, a free-to-use audio/visual platform.

Stitching, as the act of securely connecting disparate pieces of fabric with thread, describes how the project works, rather than the artform participants engage with during the sessions. Stitching – metaphorically and methodically – takes place in connecting strangers living across the UK, Germany, America, and in the resulting tentative, exploratory, empathetic conversations that follow the silent portion of the session. Curiosity and conviviality underpin the steadfast performances of social and political solidarity.

The last session for 2020: 17 December at 4pm GMT.

The first session for 2021: 7 January at 4pm GMT.

New participants welcome, contact Antoinette Burchill for more information.

Valeria Medici Screenshot 2
Valeria Medici Screenshot 1
Valeria Medici Knickers #2 How is this fear 3
Mo Pickering-Symes 5
Mo Pickering-Symes 6
Mo Pickering-Symes 7
Valeria Medici DIY Knicker Kit leaflet making process
Mo Pickering-Symes 1
Melissa Wilson
Gillian Whiteley 3
Gillian Whiteley 1
Gillian Whiteley 2
Assunta Ruocco and Louise Dallyn
Antoinette Burchill
Mo Pickering-Symes 2
Valeria Medici Knicker #2 How is this fear 4
Valeria Medici Knickers #2 How is this fear 1
Valeria Medici Knickers #2 How is this fear 2
Mo Pickering-Symes 4
Mo Pickering-Symes 3
Antoinette Burchill Shrinkle of Dissent
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Participants with images in the project showreel:

Victoria Our lockdown home in the South Downs

Gillian Whiteley Working in the studio

Antoinette Burchill, SHUSH, commission, work in progress

Antoinette Burchill, Shrinkle of Dissent, a tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsberg, work in progress

Mo Pickering-Symes Household chores

Mo Pickering-Symes Making decorations

Assunta Ruocco & Louise Dallyn Quarantine Works: Louise’s 16 Variants on a Blind Drawing

Valeria Medici Knickers

Melissa Wilson Stitching Journal