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Süreyyya Evren: Citizenship Taste




Etymologically ‘taste’ means ‘to touch, feel, pat, stroke’.

Citizenship taste works like the ballot box but the rule of is that once you’ve decided what citizenship will taste like, you have to stick with that choice.

It’s difficult to stay loyal to your taste because tastes change; they are open to manipulation, and sometimes even strong, passionate tastes recede.

This is the risk.





Touching citizen Evren
Süreyyya Evren (Istanbul, 1972) is a writer working on literature and contemporary art. He has a PhD in Politics from Loughborough University and has published several novels, books of short stories, poems, anthologies, art books for children and critical essays, mostly in Turkish. He has delivered seminars on modern and contemporary art and art sociology in several institutions. Married with two kids he lives and works as an editor at Arter, Istanbul.