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Re-Re-imagining Citizenship Exhibition 2019


Interactive exhibition and participatory project
Martin Hall Exhibition Space – Loughborough University
13 March – 29 March 2019


What is at stake in re-imagining new forms of citizenship and modes of civic participation? How can the notion of citizenship – in our trans/post-national society – be reconfigured without subjection? How can it help us to transform our practices, behaviours and environments?

The exhibition brings together a range of audio-visual and text-based responses with contributions by students, researchers and artists from across and beyond the University.

Re-imagining Citizenship is a collaborative project initiated by the Politicized Practice/Anarchism/Theatre Activism Research Groups at Loughborough University. The project is supported by the Institute of Advanced Studies and Enterprise Projects Group.

Daniel Fountain
Johanna Hallsten/ Mary Rose O’Neill
Zak Jones
Sophia Kier-Byfield/ Tom Nys
Ruth Kinna et al
Rita Marcalo/ Instant Dissidence
Marco Antonsich, Leila Wilmers, Panagiota Sotiropoulou, Cuomu Zhaxi and Sophie Hyde, Loughborough University Nationalism Network

Download the exhibition booklet with descriptions and bios here.



Rita Marcalo: One Last Dance – An Chéad Damhsa
Jonas Staal: Popular Propaganda Art


All photos on this page © Phil Wilson