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Re-imagining Citizenship is an ongoing collaborative project initiated by the Politicized Practice/ Anarchist/ Theatre Activism Research Groups based at Loughborough University.

We are looking for collective redefinitions of citizenship that are not prescribed or restricted by the language of the political establishment or the media, but rather opened up and expanded by artistic methods.

Since 2014, artists, researchers and associates of the three Research Groups have organised exhibitions, installations, performances and events to explore the potential for art practices to re-imagine what citizenship means in theory and practice.

These endeavours culminated in a series of activities during 2019, most notably the production of the Re-imagining Citizenship Activity Book. The book, which has thirty different contributions, is based on the conviction that citizenship is a participatory act, far more than just an official piece of paper or a handshake at a ceremony. The book consists of playful and politicised instructions for readers to interpret, experiment with and respond to creatively in the workshops that we facilitate around the book. You can find these activities and more in the Living Archive section. The book also has a travelling home, the Re-Imagining Citizenship Activity Station, which can be constructed in various locations for exhibitions and workshops. 

On this website you will find details of what we have done so far. You can see further details of our exhibitions and events both past and upcoming, and you can explore the citizenship activity instructions which are listed by individual contributor. There is also a free, downloadable copy of the book, which can be easily printed, folded and stapled.  


Re-imagine, participate, respond! Help us develop and share new, creative approaches to citizenship!