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Raphaëlle Levy: Frontier In-Between Distance Movement


All at sea – 193 NM borrows a simple malleable vocabulary from cartography, made of lines and points. Bringing the line of France’s southern border into relation with the Mediterranean shoreline opposite, highlights the  perilous situation facing refugees. They are represented here by graphite powder sprinkled between the two lines. The dispersal points represent both their journey and their end.

When we draw a line on a map, we create a border. By drawing we redraw attention to border and asylum policies. This proposed vision of citizenship is one that encompasses proximity and distance to promote living together, common ownership and care for what transcends borders.


Raphaëlle Levy, Entre-deux eaux – 193 nq/ All At Sea – 193 NM, graphite drawing on A5 paper, 2019, Amiens (France).



Concerned citizen Levy
Raphaëlle Levy is a third-year Visual Arts student at the UFR des Arts of the Picardie Jules Verne University. Justice for all is her main citizen concern and when the Calais Jungle was created in Hauts-de-France (the region where she lives), she saw art as a means to bring awareness about the migrants’ plight and offer them a better welcome.