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Aymerick Loisel: Traces Of Shared Identity


Aymerick Loisel, CNI180280250829, tape and charcoal on A5 paper, 2019, Amiens (France).


In contemporary society, the identity of citizens is summed up by series of digits, numbers that we are assigned at birth and until death. Our personal data is encoded, recorded and analysed by a multitude of surveillance devices (social networks, CCV cameras, customer loyalty schemes) We are watched, analysed and oppressed by all these intelligent tracking systems and powerless to fend them off. CNI180280250829 explores this notion of citizenship using tape and charcoal to highlight the citizen’s social imprint.





Unidentified citizen Loisel
Aymerick Loisel is a third-year Visual Arts student at the UFR des Arts of the Picardie Jules Verne University. He is working form the questions raised by Gilles Deleuze about the society of control. With CNI180280250829, Aymerick Loisel aims to address the oppressive filing/profiling of citizens and non-citizens and its totalitarian drift and to encourage an introspective questioning of our relationship to individual freedom and our living together.